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Dissapearing kitty

Posted by moonanstars on 2007.10.25 at 10:23
It was winter in New Jersey, late 1994 or early 1995, and I couldn't find my cat. Usually there was an easy remedy for this because he was then, and still is, a chow hound extreme. So I got the food bowl and tossed some food in it and walked around shaking it to make the food in the bowl noise. Usually that brought him running like a mad thing but no luck.

Since we were 2 people in a house with 4 bedrooms I opened the spare doors looking to make sure he hadn't got locked in somewhere and still no luck. I was in the lower part of the split level when I saw him outside looking in the window. He was one of those cats that would bolt outside once in a while and then get scared of being outside but since there was several inches of snow on the ground it was a little weird for him to have done it. I figured what the hell the cats a dork and he was sitting right there in plain sight looking in so I went and opened the front door.

Nothing. I thought he'd run off startled so I shook the food bowl for him and called him. That was when I noticed there were no footprints in the snow on the window where I'd seen him or anywhere else and it was fresh snow so they would have shown. I was looking around when there was a bright blue flash at my feet in the snow and a loud crack like when you arc electricity, or snap on a taser.

I'd had enough and I ran back inside to go tell my roommate.

I walked through the living room (For about the 10th time since I started looking) and there was the cat curled up on the couch with a sleepy smile, perfectly warm and not wet at all. Both of us had looked all over the living room for him several times and he wasn't there.

I was thoroughly creeped out.


Tweeky Little Drow
littledrow at 2007-10-25 18:41 (UTC) (Link)
Dude, you're cat is weird. :P
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