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no capes!

November topic

Posted by moonanstars on 2007.11.12 at 11:15
For November and probably December I wanted to put out there a topic that has always been fun for me to research but I find myself doing even more since the show Supernatural has started. Not Urban legends but folk tale monsters. Every culture has different tales of the supernatural and the monsters people meet.

Like the Tailypo. A creature from Appalachian folklore it's one of those weird but eerie stories that are fun to read. I bet hearing it in the dark woods was even creepier.

The basic gist of the story is this: A man and his hounds are hunting when they run across a creature about the size of a dog with black fur and a long tail. There hadn't been a lot of food so even though it was dark the man and his hounds were still looking for something to bring home to feed them. They are trailing a hare when they run across this strange creature in the dark.

Scared that it might attack him or the dogs the man shoots at the creature and severs it's tail. They are so hungry that the man takes the tail back and uses it to make soup for himself and the dogs.

Later that night he hears something clawing at the walls of his cabin and a voice hissing "Give me back my tailypo." The man gets his gun and lets the dogs out to drive off the creature but he never sees anything to take a shot at. When the dogs return to the cabin one of them is missing.

This continues all night until there aren't any dogs left to send after the creature. Just before dawn the creature is back clawing at the walls so the man once more gets his gun and goes outside. This time he finds himself face to face with the creature who demands "Give me back my tailypo!" But since it is eaten there is nothing left to give.

All they ever find of the man or his dogs is some scattered remains that were savaged by claws sharper than a mountain lions.

So the moral of the story is don't shoot and eat a strange creatures tail. And don't go outside to confront the creature in the dark lol.

What stories have you heard involving local legends of monsters? Like the beast of Bray road, or Champ, everywhere there's a story unique to the area that's waiting to be heard.

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