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My first haunted house

Posted by moonanstars on 2007.10.22 at 18:09
Seeing as it's October the subject of ghosts seems like a good one.

Back in 1987 when I was a senior in high school we moved to upstate New York to an old victorian house that was over 200 years old. It was a beautiful house with stained glass in all the windows and a carriage house attached. Unfortunately it was also creepy as hell lol.

The basement was divided into three sections, there was the furnace area on one side, the laundry on the other and at the very end there was a root cellar/storage area. Right down the center of the basement was a load bearing wall with a door in it with the old lift latch fastener. Now, the wall didn't completely divide the cellar you could just walk around to the other side so I never could decide why there was a door in the wall. All I knew is that it always gave me a weird feeling when I was around it. I always decided that was the whole growing up on spooky movies and being in a cellar thing.

My room upstairs on the 2nd floor used to be the maids quarters and had it's own stairs to the kitchen. That way the maids could go down and start cooking in the morning without bothering anyone. There was a large closet with a window as part of the bedroom.

No matter what I did to the door it wouldn't stay shut. Unfortunately it opened in so I didn't have any way to brace it closed. You could close it and hear it latch and shove on it without opening but randomly when I was in the room it would give a little click and swing open. It liked to do this in the middle of the night a lot. I would fold up paper and wedge the door shut and that still didn't help. There was just something about that door that wouldn't stay shut.

It was very random when it would happen, sometimes it would do it when other people were there but most of the time I was alone in the room sitting on my bed studying or trying to sleep when it would happen.

The carriage house was also a little strange. There were two stalls in the back for horses but the one on the right just seemed to repell people from going in. The other stall was used for storage but it was like you completely forgot the other one was there even though it was the one that had the light in it. To use the stall we did you used the light from the walkway in the center and you couldn't see very well.

I never did look into the history of the house but I would like to someday and see if anything pops up.

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